From ginger gems to methylcellulose

It feels only like yesterday that I was six years old and learning how to cream butter and sugar, making piklets and heating the gem iron for the ginger gems that we would eat every Sunday afternoon (the first photo is my family's original 50 years plus GG iron).

Who would have thought that it would lead to thermal circulators, pacojets, tapioca maltodextrin, sous vide feijoas, porcini powder, (not all on the same plate mind you) super talented French chefs, most excellent food writers and a little bit of travel in between.

Big props to Mum and Grandma of course.

If you click on the images for a closer view, don't feel repulsed by my photobucket username, the site chose the name (hock_bucket) for me, nice huh?


    pacojets? methylwhateveroes? good lord i don't even know you anymore! did you make all those things? i've gone retarded with admiration and disbelief.



    yes he did, isn't he cleva.


    those dishes look trés fancy. i want to know what the green stuff tastes like. very inspirational.


    Thank you.

    The post was intended to let viewers/fellow contributors who don't know me, understand that I am not all about BBQ, blood, guts, fried things and getting drunk (well actually I am all about that), but just in case we scared Emma W or Coco away with embarrassing late night drunken posts.

    The green stuff (the last photo?) that is a basil soup (using a pacojet allows you to keep it really green) with a hot clear tomato gel (we use gellan, a really cool form of gelatine that allows you to serve the gel hot) and the little white thing is a mozzarella pearl and of course basil foam (lecithin allows you do that), yay foam.

    A screwed up Insalata Caprese.


    Holy crap. Who took the photos?


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