J-Lo from the Block

Well we've given up waiting for Jo-jo, J-Lo, Jenny from the Block (pictured below), writer, chef and photoshop wizard extraodinaire to join up and do a post. But to no avail. He's a shy wee thing. We do however occasionally recieve emails from him which creatively outline his worldview on food, New Zealand and MSG. The man is an artist...or maybe he's just French

J-Lo from the Block.jpg

If New Zealand was colonised by the French

Jo jo says "If New Zeland had become French as supposed, there would be no mint with lamb but only thyme, kick ass raw milk cheese and no canned asparagus"

Embryonic Campaign to Free MSG from Unnecessary Demonisation and Take It's Rightful Place as the World's Leading Food Seasoning
FREE MSG small.jpg

If you would like to purchase a FREE MSG t-shirt, this can be arranged - leave a comment and we'll see whether J-Lo will oblige


    that photo matches the cute NZ-as-France map very nicely


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