My favourite sandwiches

- lamb shwarma from the middle eastern cafe on Albert St, Auckland
- felafel sandwich
- zucchini fritter sandwich Victoria markets Melbourne
- smoked chicken on vogels with coriander pesto and tomato relish
- Vietnamese banh mii

It's hard to believe that some places in the world are still sandwich-less. When Hock first arrived in Cambodia, one day he was making himself a sandwich and his Khmer chefs gathered around and asked "what is that?"
"This my little chef's is what I like to call a sandwich"

It's all relative though, I've never had a Philly Cheese-steak sandwich :( or a Maine lobster roll.

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    did u have a pastrami sandwich in NYC?

    pastrami, sweet peppers on rye from 2nd Ave deli
    .... ggggaahhhigigigi (homer simpson dripping starts here)


    No I didn't :(.

    After watching the video though it has been decided that we will go on a worldwide sandwich adventure at the end of my thesis

    Do you know where you will be heading to this year for the annual convention?


    Toronto... not an international sandwich stop off as far as I know...

    sandwich tour sounds very good!
    but you must come to europe!


    Toronto huh...oh well. My friend once described it as the most underwhelming city she has ever been to. I tend to agree.


    oh did u go there too? my workmates have been really impressed so far... very multi cultural... city with most foreign-language speaking residents in the world after Miami (which is obviously more spanish dominated)
    I'm lookin forward to checkin Jamaica-town and definitely koreatown and chinatown...
    plus anywhere that big is gonna be good... i like big cities!


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