The Environmental Politics of Gut Feelings

There was a strange study released the other day saying that fat people contribute disproportionately to global warming. Fat people apparently just emit more greenhouse gases in their day to day lives from the extra carbon they need to haul their fat asses around in cars, to the extra packaging they use from all the extra food they eat.

The thinly disguised discriminatory attack on fat people did not go unnoticed and this finding was disputed by some environmental economists who said that a switch to a healthier diet would probably lead to greater incidence of methane production (aka farting) thereby offsetting the the potential reduction in greenhouse gases resulting from fat people loosing weight.

In order for this to be true you'd have to go from the premise that skinny people fart less than fat people and that fat people don't really fart much at all.

Research anyone?

I can't help but feel sometimes that we're all getting a little too bogged down with asinine point scoring over who's holier than thou in terms of greenhouse gas production and that this is perhaps detracting our attention away from what our focus should be...THE POTENTIALLY MASSIVE THREAT TO ALL HUMAN LIFE FROM ECOLOGICAL DISASTER


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