NZ Soul Food Experiment

It has been a long held dream of Hock's to slow cook ribs inside of my sister's chimney bbq. So being back in NZ we obliged his fantasy.

We picked up Louisiana styled rib cuts at Westmere Butchers, which was packed to the gills the day before Easter Friday. We took our ribs back to my father's apartment in town. Hock protested that we hadn't bought enough ribs so Ginny ran up the road to Parnell butchers and got more. We began the preparation by removing the membrane from the back of the ribs and then rubbing them down with a dry rub. The ribs marinaded overnight.

dry rub

Hock put Ginny to work pounding the chicken marinade. A paste of vegeta, Mexican oregan, oil, smoked paprika and a Mexican spice mixture containing Annatto .

chix m

Ginny was also instructed to start the fire in the BBQ early the next morning to make sure the heat had died down just enough to keep the bbq warm but not hot. She was instructed to never let the embers flame, but to always have a small pile of burning embers in the corner of the bbq, just warm enough to slow cook the meat with warm smoke.



Hock put together the bbq sauce, choosing a recipe from Mike Mills.


Pit Master Mopping

Ruby the dog gave out tortured whimpers


Hock cooked Corn Bread

Corn Bread

The Finished Product
fin product

Kereru landed in nearby trees but this time no one was interested in speculating on their flavour

The ribs were good, but would have been better if we had used a proper smoking device. Still it was a perfect evening and a perfect family meal.


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