Henceforth begins an adventure in which a beer lite-weight tries out brews from the local kiosk, biomarkt and 'beer museum' shop in Cologne, Germany. Starting with Paulaner Hefe Weizenbier. (above).

Hefe-Weizenbier is the unfiltered version of Weissbier (the latter served in the tents at Oktoberfest), popular amongst all Germans young and old, & originating in Bavaria.

The results of this tasting experiment indicate that my research into unfiltered white beers will be quite limited... a shame since there are loads of them on the shelves of beer shops here.

Erik likes this type of beer more than most, because of how filling yet refreshing and unique it is. I will allow that it might be nice under the hot sun in Munich ... tasting as it does somewhat like a brewer's yeast health drink.

- swirl of tangy/sharp & raw
- nice malteser opaque amber colour
- guts feel slightly uncomfortable, both upper and lower tracts
- sticky roof of mouth feeling
- feels like something that could be used as an eco-friendly toilet cleaner
- reminds me of the yeasty home-brewed taste of Frankfurt apfel wine
- head of foam deflated fast leaving 'lace' rather like a tall glass of urine
- this German beer drinking occupation is very direct and not for the faint of heart...

Next up, Pinkus Pils.

One review enthuses: "The bronze/gold Pils is a revelation in the age of bland and fizzy pale lagers."

Of course the review goes on about gentle resins and things.

At the Biomarkt it's one of the few non-Bavarian-style bier options. (it is brewed in Munster).
'juicy?'.....mayyybe... The first mouthful of this organic Pils was appealingly malty and the rest of the experience was astringent. Stickiness in the mouth was manageable.

Ingredients are hops, malt and water.

The beer started to taste more malty again in the last 30% of the glass. As roof of mouth became more anaethetised, sensation was more creamy despite being a thin beer.

I like it quite well. But think it would benefit from the context of spicy noodles. Then the 'fruitiness' would become way less anecdotal.


    nice hands, are those your hands? You could be a hand model


    ...those are Erik's lovely slender hands!
    I totally agree with you!
    I'll suggest it to him as an alternative to this whole 'sound engineer' business..


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