Poacher Turned Game Keeper - Phil Lees Turns Pro

Gut Feelings member and prime stomach on legs, and the inventor of french fry battered bacon on a stick, Phil Lees has hit the big time and turned pro.....

And he even has the sunglasses to prove it.


In his new paid job as professional food blogger for Australia's public (and somewhat liberal arts) television station SBS, Phil debuted his new and enviable career with a blog on....what else but meat on a spit.

Sure to be a crowd pleaser....I recommend you subscribe as soon as RSS feeds are installed.

About Phil

Phil Lees grew up in rural Victoria, the first generation in his family to not have lived on the farm and thereby not slaughter his own meat. Most of the time. He left this bucolic idyll to attend university in Melbourne, study English and Commerce, and support himself by doing the sort of food jobs that weren't sexy until Anthony Bourdain wrote about them. In short, Phil has served hamburgers from the window of a van. Phil makes a mean sausage, a hoppy pale ale, a modest laksa. He owns three barbecues and is in the market for a fourth. He's never eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant. There is more important food in the world to be eaten.


    I wish that my photo wasn't on there. Nor any of my personal details apart from my name and the status of my barbecue purchasing.


    on where on the SBS blog or this post? I can take it down if you like

    But really, you look great and I do like the sunglasses

    I guess you gotta get used to a whole lot more attention now though


    "A blog about what the world eats, when and where it eats it, and why it matters to us all. Only much less ambitious than that sounds and with more excruciating puns."

    Nice! great first post.

    Hope the book and TV show come next. Maybe you'll become like Australia's Peta Mathias only, like, more manly ...& with more references to Manly.
    Sorry for being lame, but how do I RSS feed it?

    'french fry battered bacon' - does it start to feel like an albatross around the neck - maybe you should print it on business cards :-)


    No, don't take the photo down from here, it was about the SBS site. I give Gut Feelings carte blanche to do whatever it collectively likes. I'm sure as soon as comments get turned on, I'll get a whole heap of comments debating how much of a wanker I am.

    No RSS yet - SBS are having technical difficulties with their new site.


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