When in Rome

This is a guest post by apple muffin expert/Melbourne promoter & DJ/gypsy-type Clare Bousfield aka Bellaphonic, who has just finished a 6-month sabbatical in a secret outpost near Roma.

Says Clare: "Give this a try – can’t beat a three ingredient dinner!"

Red Raddicchio
(for rough pastas, i.e. Those with lines, penne rigate etc..)

1lb Radicchio (cleaned and dried. Slice thin into julienne strips)
3oz Bacon (must be smoked. Slice super thin, almost see through, then stack the strips and slice all the way down the stack, so you have thin strips)
1cup cream

Put bacon in the pan on high heat so fat melts and bacon roasts. Continue until bacon is nicely browned
Add radicchio, continue to incorporate flipping from bottom up. You will see the radicchio turn brown. Keep the heat high or the radicchio will lose its water and boil instead of fry
When radicchio is all brown, add cream. Then pepper and salt to taste. Lower fire and cook for 4-5 minutes until cream thickens a bit. If preparing ahead, stop cooking almost immediately and wait until pasta is boiling to cook for 2 more minutes.
Mix in al dente pasta and serve with fresh parmigiano.

mmm... deliciously bitter goodness!

X clare


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