Question: when is tapas not tapas?

Answer: when its dim sum

On a quick, work related dash to Melbourne (sorry to those of you who I didn't manage to meet up with) I managed to hit up The Oriental Teahouse in Prahran where I had some pretty unspectacular dumplings and good tea. It was a bit of a middle class gentrified food experience, obviated by the fact that they describe what they do as Chinese tapas


what the hell is wrong with the name "dim sum"?

I also managed a stop in at Borscht, Vodka and Tears in Windsor/ Prahran and had an excellent meal of what they described as "Polish Tapas"

And I thought...."Oh now you're just taking the piss"

What is with this newfound Melbourne proclivity to call any food served on a small plate "tapas"

Or is it a global phenomenon? Who gave the Spanish naming rights over small plates of food?


    haha! yes I find the thing of comparing stuff to tapas to be comical.
    the people at Manufaktum don't call their shit tapas, ... I guess shape of the glass covered display case on the counter did remind me of actual tapas places in Barcelona... though the idea of german bread 'tapas' is quite hilarious to me!

    in general I find the big worldwide trend for Spanish food to be quite bemusing... I guess when something is so trendy the easiest jargon/catch words are bound to be abused...


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