Fun Times at the Potato Club

On the Sukhumvit Soi, next to Emporium, Sukhumvit Soi 24 I think it is, there is a izakaya which is not particularly tasty but exceedingly cheap. It's on the right hand side of the Soi, near the beginning of the street and on the 3rd floor of an extremely eccentric building...If you climb the odd staircase and pass by the Hong Kong-style hotpot joint you'll know you're on the right track.....follow the potato heads


Inside you'll find a large booze selection and laminated menu with usual izakaya suspects....


great wall adornments and decor....
tuff guy

and games where you can gamble on the size of your the "beef game", roll the dice and let fate decide if you get above or below the standard times

The food photos below attest more to the skill of Hock and his N95 than the actual quality of the food

p club


For example this sushi roll is far nastier than it looks
nasty roll

Of course the main indulgence here is not the cripsy rice cakes, but the lashings of cheap sake and beer to be had alongside. Food is really rather incidental here.
tuna rice triangle

grill egplant

(makeshift food lighting enhancements)

Which was confirmed when I woke up on Sunday morning after a night at the Potato and remember that I had gotten drunk enough and so enamoured with the sake enough to have purchased their signature potato sake set. I recall making statements along the lines of "this sake set speaks to something deep inside my soul"
potato sake set



    I rove you, Potato Crub.


    he he he he he he he


    Ah, it was fun to go to poteto kurabu...

    Hi Austin - a friend of mine sent me a link of your blog when I said I am in Thailand. You're famous!


    indeed he is amongst the food blog nerds


    the very last picture of Imoya sign says:

    いいものを(iimono wo)= good stuff
    もっとうまく(motto umaku)= more delicious
    やすく(yasuku) = cheap

    and if you read it vertically, it makes, voila, いもや (imoya)!


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