Our Daily Bread

During the ag-food conference in Belgium last month, there was a showing of a movie "Our Daily Bread."

It's all about industrial and high-tech food making process, with no narrations or conversations. They just show it to you. A little disturbing, and very provoking.

Below are a few images downloadable from the movie website.

I wasn't sure what the below image was about when I saw the movie... ..but when I downloaded this image, the file name was "UNSER TÄGLICH BROT Spargel."


Spargel, the white asparagus!!!

Since the movie contains explicit images of animal slaughtering, we joked about conference participants changing their mind about the reception dinner choice... which, to our surprise, they served stuff like foie gras, which did not seem to be the best thing to serve at a conference on sustainable agri-food systems...


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