Oligopoly Watch - Observe Your Food Supply Concentrate

If you're like me and you find reading about the food industry as compelling as trying out a new recipe or stuffing nice things in your mouth then this website may be of interest. Oligopoly Watch has a food and beverage section which details happenings in different food sectors including articles on the beer and organics industry

Plus an interesting graph on the industry structure of organics in the USA....



    Ah, I also saw this a couple of months ago. Cool stuff. Looking at this http://www.msu.edu/%7Ehowardp/OrganicIndustry.mov gives me some kind of motion sickness.

    Maybe this kind of mapping technique is trendy?

    For instance, here

    I also saw some website where you can put in your blog url, and it visualizes how your blog is connected to others, in similar presentation.




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