Vegetable Factory with Organic Fertilizers

From Asahi shimbun (with Google translate) June 26, 2008:

Marubeni, organic fertilizer as the "vegetable plant" to sell the world's first

Marubeni Corp., Kanagawa Prefecture venture partners, vegetables, organic fertilizer to cultivate indoor only "vegetable factory" to embark on business sales. The first time in the world. Food prices are rising, while the lack of attention to food safety and increasingly suffer from the use of idle facilities and local governments, you want to own restaurants to procure food for sale are anticipated.

Trays of nutrient solution in hydroponic cultivation, a type of "factory" to dozens of locations in the country but the large amount of nutrient solution and it was necessary to use chemical fertilizers. The new plant development, venture companies in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, "Verde" is a fabrication, and水ごけspecial clay soil mixtures to use. Water and fertilizer to maintain a strong force for a small amount of organic fertilizer to cultivate.

Sat 1 percent of normal weight for several buildings in shelf-over set up a stage, so much culture. Besides growth from garden-grown quickly. Fluorescent and LED (light-emitting diode) illumination of a 24-hour guard and nurture. Lettuce, garden-grown twice a year, about a month once the harvest and the annual harvest of the garden-grown to more than a dozen times.

Marubeni is a growing shelf of land, and adjust the level of carbon dioxide and other equipment, needed a set to grow sales. About 100 sq.m. If you have the plant cost 50 million
yen. From the cost of open culture, Marubeni is "a lot of harvest on the safety of high crop prices from 5 percent higher if the plant cost as little as five years in recovery".

Atsugi city set up a factory test plant in the "cake shops for fruit cultivation," and a pastry shop, "using the old school house, for winter tourists who want to offer locally produced
vegetables" Local governments have been from the tour. Marubeni own future is owned by the management is considering a large vegetable plant. (Norihiko Saitou)


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