Prussian-German Belly Fuel

Driving from Munich to Salzburg the other week, we stopped at a gas station to pay tolls. A faded sign promised RRrrrrrreally huge sausages (above). In the area where one paid for tickets and gas, a big glass cabinet displayed a few lonely tins of leberwurst paté. The restaurant went a few steps better, with its steam trays of nameless vegetables, and bread rolls with boiled eggs for breakfast, and the type of melancholic capuccinos served by highway gas stations the world over.

When diesel doesn't provide enough get up & go......fuel up on ham noodles.

A blousey, bosomy lady and her moustached husband ate standing up at an outside banquette, partaking of the wiener schnitzel with fries, as chalked on the sign above. The sky was acid blue and hints of the Austrian alps glinted on the horizon.


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