Ode to a Single Anchovy

murcia fried octopi

Oh, single anchovy from Fenix on the Plaza las Flores in Murcia, Spain. We did not suspect when we ordered your kind, that a solo fish would meet its fate on a plate in front of us.
Your brothers and sisters joined us too, draped over crackers with mounds of russian salad on top, so the anchoviness suffered no respite. And despite a lack of tomato-smeared bread - to my clara-addled mind, an anchovy's most heavenly resting place - your right to be eaten was not forsook.
Now that I know I can order a single anchovy, garnished absently mindedly with a squeeze of lemon, I'll sleep easily at night. God bless all those single anchovies, whose fate was formerly uncertain.



    Here, here! To the single anchovy!

    I've been keeping one in my fridge for a while now. Perhaps its time to show it the respect it is due...


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