White House Kitchen Snaps


Every president and first lady is different. Some, like Mamie Eisenhower, are intimately involved in choosing the menu for dinners while others, like Pat Nixon, want the chef to surprise them. After the first large Nixon dinner, Chef Henry Haller went to Chief Usher JB West. "The president came into the kitchen tonight and told me it was delicious. Can you imagine? The president himself. That never happened before."



    Funny pic. Have you seen this blog? It's updated scarily frequently. But it does, at least, have a sense of humour. (seems to be written by someone in Washington - a wonk, maybe?)


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    Nope, love the rooster pic, though.



    looks like that Obamafoodorama blog is hating on Alice Waters too:

    "Perhaps it's understandable that Mayor Newsom would get the name of the White House garden wrong, because there was a Victory garden in San Francisco for a couple months last year, in front of City Hall. It was installed as part of Slow Food Nation, an August food fest that Newsom spent a lot of time promoting with SF-local chef Alice Waters. Waters has become better know lately for being bashed in the media than for her cooking, thanks to her well-intentioned but politically alarming pre-inauguration hijinks in trying to lobby the White House on food policy (which, tragically, included what seemed to be a demand to fire White House Exec Chef Cristeta Comerford). Waters also spent a lot of time chatting up the idea of a White House food garden to the press, not knowing that one was already in the works, and she was happy to let the media give her credit for the WH garden, even though she had nothing to do with it. The myth of Waters' involvement was dropped by most major media outlets when ground was broken for the White House Kitchen Garden and Alice wasn't invited to the dirt digging, but Newsom is still keeping the myth going. "


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