Too Busy To Food Blog

I've finally escaped my fairytale lifestyle in Bangkok and am now firmly implanted in Canberra from now until the unknown future. Hock is yet to join me. Life, work and thus food are all rather uninspiring to me at the moment.

Life in "the real world" is seeing me working during the day, coming home, finding dishes in the sink, and peering into the fridge, wishing something yummy would jump out at me, so I can carry on working on my thesis. Nothing ever does. The laundry needs to be done. I really should vacuum, my skin needs a facial, my back hurts, I need a shower, my hair is greasy.

Yesterday I bought a pre-made indian paneer curry at the grocery store, I made dahl tonight and rice. Enough so I don't have to cook for a couple of days. I should make my lunch tomorrow so I don't have to eat the shit on offer at the University Cafe. Today I had a meat pie, until I realised it was cold in the middle and had to return it.

I can't even think of what I would like to eat these days. Usually I have cravings and think, yum I'd like to cook that. But now my brain draws a blank. I have tiny cans of baked beans and spaghetti in my cupboard. I eat a lot of toast and vegemite.

I have friends who work full time, have children and go home and write their thesis at night. This is my first week of working during the day, and trying to work on my thesis at night. I don't know how they manage, let alone cook.

When life heats up, my luscious diet is the first thing to go out the window. Good food is definitely a luxury in my life.

Come back Hock!!!!!!


    does it mean that you got a job even before you have your degree in hand? that's good, right? congratulations~


    God, yes. i like to think you could get used to the first two as a combo and still enjoy life somewhat. But kids+work+study... the mind boggles.

    your tactic of cooking a big pot of something, is what me&erik do for work lunches,
    especially on sundays, cook a big pot of something and then have it for lunch at work on Monday &Tuesday.

    we also make double or triple the amount of dressing (e.g. peanut-lime-coconut) we need, that can be used after a busy day later in the week has some good ideas for quick busy-day dinners, like a soup of potato, tinned beans and shredded cabbage that is actually much less impoverished tasting than it sounds.


    also quinoa! I guess it might be highway robbery in antipodes, but that is the perfect grain for busy people, it cooks up in like five minutes!

    I've never really got the hang of freezing rice, it always seems to develop freezer burn. most of my friends (and also temple workers) did it in Japan. bittman recommends it in his interesting Minimalist column about freezing, which has made me think seriously about calling a friend's tupperware expert sister to get a bit more sorted.
    i like the idea of freezing soups in small portions but in reality i forget about things in there. much easier to eat them within a few days of cooking, even if it's less glamorous than defreezing little servings from time to time

    apparently there is a bonus clip on the inland empire DVD where David Lynch cooks up quinoa. wacky, huh


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