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It may be easier for Ms. Waters and her cadre to simply label Americans stupid and ill-informed than to tackle the real reason people are not eating more organic and locally grown food — i.e., most Americans simply are not able to afford it.


Yay....more Alice Watery backlash, it isn't just me, thank god, she raises other people's ire too. Although I don't agree with the author's unfettered enthusiasm for the American food system (it is a little flawed now come on) I do like her comments on Alice and Bill Clinton

Consider, also, her campaign for a White House vegetable garden. Waters has been badgering U.S. presidents about this vegetable garden for years. In 2000, she wrote a letter to Pres. Bill Clinton about the importance of a White House garden, saying: “I can think of no more powerful way to ground your legacy than to leave behind you a kitchen garden and the compost pile to nourish it.” Really? A garden and a compost pile? Grounding President Clinton’s legacy in compost? Did she think about how this sounds, alongside Clinton’s other goals, such as Middle East peace, a secure and nuclear-free Korean peninsula, health-care reform, and Russia’s peaceful transition to democracy?


    Hah. did you read Maureen Dowd's interview with her in the NYTimes? quite funny how people saw it as pandering... but I found it to be sarcastically tongue in cheek... with Maureen publishing all Alice's inane statements verbatim.

    My epiphany concerning ms Waters came when I heard her on Kim Hill's show on National radio (it's archived, for anyone who cares to listen).

    She sounded like a stoned romanticist.
    I really think people have it wrong when they proclaim her as the leader of the 'locavore' movement - since her ideas do not seem to have much practical substance to them at all.
    From listening to her talk, it really seems that she is just this bucolic idealist who thinks the world would be a lovely place if we all made little raspberry tarts from fruit plucked from beside a wandering brook, like at that café she visited in France all those years ago...
    She seems to purposely blank out when talk leads to discussions of food supply chains or poor people or anything like that...


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