Bite-size Breakfast Club


OK, it's true. I've recently become sucked into the whole meta-meta-media-filter/'trivial aspects of life as pithy haikus' phenomenon that is Twitter. Between daily pics from Rick Bayless' service line, and what Sasha Frere Jones calls "digital biz yap that makes me feel like I crashed the meeting I spent my life avoiding", there are some trivial treats to be found.

One thing I quite enjoy are the breakfast tweets from Torontonian music promoter My Man Henri.

Here're a few samples:

"Good Morn World: oatmeal x vanilla soy x chopped fruit with METALLICA TCKTS FOR OCT SHOW @ ACC!! W00T!!! Riding Lightning today!"

"Good Morning. Bkrfst: Vanilla Yogurt x Banana Nut Cereal x Sierra Mix. K.I.S.S. Today, the sun still shines - just not here."

"Good Morn World. Huevos con cebolla y espinaca. Need that. Busy week ahead."

I don't know what 'banana nut cereal' or 'sierra mix' are but I don't mind hearing about them at all.

Just in case you, too, find the cataloguing of the morning meal to be a calming business, here's today's breakfast in Cologne Germany:

One 99-cent 'New York Bun' (non-sweetened spelt flour, dark choc chips and dried cranberries), and a smoothie made with frozen blueberries and mango pulp. The mango pulp is imported from India by our friend Demian's father Jelly (who I blogged about earlier, in a post about his christmas bakery).

How would I write that as a Twitter post of up to 140 characters in length? Hmm, let's see:
"Happiness= choc/cranberry/spelt brkfast roll. Drink: frozen german forest blueberries pureed with hippie import mango pulp.Yelp! Peace y'all"

Just kidding -
..I wouldn't write 'Peace y'all'.



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