Quote of the Day

As we are approaching Easter I thought it would be appropriate to make an Italian Lenten dish - a somewhat quirky offering called Tonno di Coniglio which translates to Rabbit Tuna.

This is a dish from the Piedmonte region of Italy and the story goes that the monks would dunk rabbits into the lake and then pull them out where they would then be baptised as fish. This meant they would be able to eat them during lent as they would be eating fish and not meat.

From Cooks Almost Anything Once

This is funny. And reminds me of John Stewart's recent lampooning of the pope on the Daily Show that went something along the lines of "yeah and if you fiddle with little boys it doesn't really count as sex, condoms are ineffective at preventing AIDs and heroin is actually good for you"

Rabbit Tuna ha ha ha. How funny human beings are. They make up silly rules and then end up dunking rabbits in lakes to bypass the rules they made up in the first place.


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