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Scientists have found that free-range pork can be more likely than caged pork to carry dangerous bacteria and parasites. It’s not only pistachios and 50-pound tubs of peanut paste that have been infected with salmonella but also 500-pound pigs allowed to root and to roam pastures happily before butting heads with a bolt gun.

If I lived in the States, I'd be more motivated to buy free range pork not because of taste but due to reports of the high levels of antibiotics in industrially farmed pork, and the inhumane manner in which pigs are often killed.

But if letting pigs have a more pleasant existence makes them even more unsafe to eat, argues McWilliams, what are we supposed to do? His conclusion:

If clean and humane methods of production cannot be developed, there’s only one ethical choice left for the conscientious consumer: a pork-free diet.



    a counter-argument, link courtesy of Mark Bittman:


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