Prep time

Prep photos from a little side project.


Urgh "CP" hot dogs

Crisco tatties


Ketchup Ribbon FAIL


    Love it :D
    You can make a great book on chef's super makeover of junk food!


    are those fish sausages?
    the only thing I recognise is the crisco... looks fun though


    aha... just saw the post on Austin's blog about this sous-vide hotdog-garnished fried potato.
    I must say... the idea of hotdog juice is kinda gross to me
    did the foam made from it taste nice?


    Just remembered that some friends of mine in NZ (Dai-chan, Michi-kun and anyone who wanted to jam a la Phish) had a band called Akudeta, which means Meat Foam -or, 'the stuff that comes out of the broth/gravy', (is that right Nalika?)


    I didn't taste any of it. I ain't that loco.



    灰汁(aku) is any foamy thing that comes out of edible things when boiled - can be of meat, fish, or veggies. In Japanese cuisine it's typically thought that removing the aku refines the taste of the broth - while on the other hand, macrobiotic cooking would not mind it.

    Deta may just be the past tense of deru (come out, go out, get out).

    When the boiled thing produces the foam, you'd say "aku ga deru/deta."

    In vernacular, when somebody has a strong taste (fashion, personality, speech style, etc.), you can say "aku ga tsuyoi". (strong aku)


    Why did you cook the hot dogs for 73 hours? It seems excessively long. Very curious / trying to learn. Thanks!


    Hi Hank

    Is just a piss take.......nothing to learn with bullshit 3 day 1 hour cooking times....57.03C temps etc.

    But feel free to share any future sausage sous viding adventures.

    That free .pdf by Doug is a good start for sous vide beginners save you having to spend money on Roca bros or TK's books.




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