tasty Japan

I must have been missing decent sushi: I jumped into a sushi restaurant at Narita airport on my ARRIVAL not on my departure. It was a bit insane.

Couldn't even wait until I got into the city.

I like these takeaway sushi too.

And inari-zushi.

Sashimi at my friend's

Grilled yellowtail breakfast

Whitebate on grated daikon radish

Alfonsino and soft tofu dinner set with brown rice at a hippy diner.

Spring-y bento at the train station

Pick-and-choose set meal at Meal Muji: mixed-grain rice, miso soup, bean curry, tofu croquette, carrot salad, hijiki salad, and hoji-cha pudding with crispy sesame thing-y.

Yakitori (char-grilled chicken) rice bowl (no they are NOT generic teriyaki's)



    Nalika... torture!
    all looks sooo good


    Yes, they don't only look good but taste good ;-)


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