Crimes Against Fungi and Jews

As some of you know, my supermarket has a problem with suffocating mushrooms in styrofoam and clingwrap.... Now it seems that not only are they content to mistreat mushrooms they are also anti-semitic

Today I found this clearly racist mushroom labelling...."jew's ear" ???? WTF


It's a black cloud mushroom in my books.....

As the similarly named Jew fish has been plagued in controversy in the States ( wiki reports that in 2001 the American Fisheries Society renamed the jewfish (Epinephelus itajara) the goliath grouper out of concern for the potential offensiveness of the name). I feel that something should be done about this mushroom too....if I was Jewish I would definitely say something, I would go up to the manager dangle the mushroom by my ear and angrily demand to know if the mushroom in any way resembled my ear....


    it's a fair cop. my ears look just like enormous wrinkly black flaps!

    coming soon - new names for jews harps, american singer songwriter jewell, jew jew bees, juicy fruit (commonly misheard as jewsie fruit), dugongs, duelling banjos and duets.


    i knew you wouldn't be able to resist commenting on that post

    On 10 August 2007 at 13:56 Anonymous said...

    Stumbled across this blogpost and can only offer the following. The language at the top of the label is Thai and the literal translation is Mouse Head Mushroom (not sure where the "jew's ear" reference comes from)


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