King Prawns

Since we've been a bit bored lately we've been trying to seek out new things to do in Bangkok hobby number one....all night prawn fishing. Thailand is one of the world's largest farmed prawn producers. Whoever decided to turn it into an entertainment venture is pure genius.

On Ratchadapisek rd, next to fortune tower there are 24 hour pubs, karoke and seafood places plus king prawn fishing to which the 2am drinking curfew does not fact the only places that do seem to have the 2 am curfew is the "hi so" joints where the kids of high ranking officials hang out....rumour has it that Thai officials simply installed the curfew to make sure their kids were home at a reasonable hour.....more laws designed for the rich...anyhooo, it doesn't apply to more 'down home' places that ordinary Thais go to, so if you are looking for a good time kicking back, drinking beer and fishing in the middle of Bangkok....look no further

We went with some of the chefs from Hock's work

We went at 12am by the entrance there are Thai parking assistants waving flags and blowing whistles like at a speed way, beckoning the cars to enter...and there is of course a giant prawn

Giant K prawn.JPG

The prawn fishing pool
Prawn pool.JPG

One of Hock's chef is obsessed and goes once a week at least.....he takes his own rod and bait

It was pretty slow going....Hock caught about 5...I caught none...I had some nibbles but they escaped everytime I went to pull one up
chef cast.JPG

chef waits.JPG


waiting poolside.JPG


While we waited for the prawns to nibble we snacked on "madan" and rum (pictured below). It's this strange tiny green pod that is shaped like a mango. They chop it up and cover it with chili, dried prawns and vinegar(?) and then dip it in salt. It's sour, spicy and salty....all my favourite flavours in the world
whiskey snack.JPG

Black cat waiting for prawn left overs
black cat.JPG

A catch
king prawn.JPG

K prawns net.JPG


Kung Pao....Thai for BBQ prawns
cooked k prawn.JPG

Kung woo sen...Prawn with rice noodles
K prawn noodles.JPG

Hungry Cat
hungry cat.JPG

After 4 hours of fishing and drinking, the chefs convinced us to walk across the road for one round of darts...we were thinking it would just be the ordinary bog standard pub darts.....but noooooo...this is Thailand and being Thailand they were special, Thai style darts.


The chefs scored themselves a hello kitty...who said hello kitty was for girls?
hello kitty.JPG

We stumbled into a taxi around 5am as the sun was rising.....and passed the tanks and tanks of prawns on the way out
k prwans chillin.JPG



    i love the cat too
    that pounce-ready expression



    Sorry, it's a reflex.


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