Street Food Ubiquity

For about 3 years my father has been promising to take me to his favourite duck noodle stall in St Louis, Bangkok.

So he finally came around and picked me up. We drove there only to find the shop closed.

St Louis is very much a Thai neighbourhood around the back of Sathorn area and is worth checking out, especially at lunch time

We missed the duck noodles but we did find some mighty fine fish ball noodles, much better than your average Thai fish ball noodles found well, pretty much everywhere...


Cute lane and chinese temple in St Louis

anyway, Hock and I have decided that Bangkok needs a TV show reveiwing the best street food the city has to offer, where people can call in and offer up their recommendations....Singapore hs such a show, I think it's time that Bangkok celebrates its humble cuisine too


    why not make a pitch to a TV station?
    You guys would make great hosts - with a Thai accomplice - Paul has the fancy chef credentials...

    those noodles look AMAZING auuughhhhug drip drip salivation


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