National Lamington Day (Australians Only)

Apparently, today is National Lamington Day in Australia


Although New Zealanders eat them too, unlike the Pavolva they are not subject to the same nationalistic claims of origin

"Lamington cakes are 2" cubes of sponge cake with a chocolate and coconut coating. They originated around 1898 in what later became the state of Queensland. They were named after Lord Lamington, a popular governor of that colony. The chocolate icing keeps the cake moist. It protects it from drying out in the hot climate. Lamingtons are the most popular fund-raising item for school groups, scouts and girl guides. Bake the cake 24 hours before icing it. A slightly stale cake is easier to cut and frost, and the icing moistens it up again."


I'm not the biggest fan of lamingtons....I prefer a pav...but that's niether here nor there...I'd eat one for a good cause which apparently is the point of the fundarise for kiddies


    Love your tag "in praise of blandness"! I've never heard of lamingtons, but how bad can sponge cake with chocolate and coconut be?


    lamingtons (both chocolate and the red colour, I guess it's strawberry) are in my top old ladies' sweets along with neenish tarts and madeleines


    HT - wow excellent blog....made my mouth water


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