A soup coming to a theater near you

Famous soup.jpg

Director's notes
Shot 2
4 am (yes 4 am)

Action : The guy is now seated where girl number one was, he is chatting to girl two.........The waitress serves soup to the guy. The intoxicating smell of the spinach soup wafts from the dish and the guy's interest turns towards the food. (ahem well of course it was steaming hot water mixed with green food colouring, what's not to like)

Anyone who has been on a set, knows that the area around the camera is a holy sanctuary, not in Thailand. At 7 am I was witness to a plastic bag full of assorted 7-11 sandwiches (high end catering) swinging from the dolly, where the D.O.P. casually moved the bag once he realised that it was screwing with his panning shot.

By 8 am I had had enough, I left them to it and headed to the "The Federal" for hot cakes.


    Wow, when you guys mentioned your TV concept, I had no idea you'd move so fast! :)


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