Hwe Dup Bap - Where Have You Been All My Life?

As much as I hate going to over hyped expensive restaurants and being overcharged for mediocre food, I love leaving things to chance and discovering something cheap and delicious...

Me and my youngest sister were first to arrive in Sydney for the gathering so we headed down Harris St from our hotel in search of lunch.

We stopped at what appeared to be a shitty little standard sushi lunch joint, called Sushi Club. I assumed that more standard shitty sushi would follow inside but my hopes were peaked by the sight of two older Korean men who had appeared to have picked the place out for a long lingering lunch and were chatting with the owner.

They had a very yummy looking Korean pancake on their table....we changed plans, scrapped the sushi idea and decided to order Korean. Starting with the pancake. The owner came out and said it would take 20 minutes to cook if we didn't mind. And at that point I felt like I had struck gold.

"no we don't mind"


Sorry the photos suck, I was using my camera phone which in no way did this delicious and crispy eggy pancake filled with seafood the justice it deserved.

My camera phone also badly misrepresents the hwe dup bap. A rice bowl layered with sliced raw fish, fresh raw julienne vegatables of daikon, apple, carrot, etc and tobiko roe mixed up with sesame chili sauce.......


It's my dream dish. It's the thing I've always wanted to eat but have never known of its existance. It's what I would like to eat most days if I had the chance but I don't. It's low fat, tasty and spicy. It's the answer to many a food prayer.....now to hunt down a recipe

Anyway a reviewers on eatibility seem to agree as to the high quality and standard of this diamond in the rough sushi joint.

I absolutely adore this little Japanese/Korean place. As noted by other reviewers its food is extremely fresh. It rivals Sushi-e and Tetsuya! No I'm not kidding! It is simple yet very delicious and really kills the competition across the street which, although 'looks nicer' has overpriced and low quality food. I live in Pyrmont and go there with my friends and family often, almost twice a week. They are always friendly and rarely busy. Which suits me since there is always a table waiting.
Definitely recommend but they are closed on Tuesdays, so avoid disappointment and don't go then.

Go and be pleasantly surprised.

Sushi Club
Harris St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone (02) 9692 8280


    looks like hot shit! hope you can introduce us, some day soon...


    I had the pleasure of living in Korea a couple of years ago. I must say that the cuisine is very misunderstood and very under appreciated. In the west people know kimchi and bul-gogi, and that's a shame because there really is so much more.

    I used to eat paejon all the time with a few bowls of rice wine. As for the Dup Bap, I can't remember if I ate this one exactly but I've eaten it in different varations. Good... no, great stuff!


    hmmm, less so though now I think. I think there is a general surge of interest in Korean food, more than ever before. I've noticed that there are several new Korean restaurants in cities in Australia that weren't here before...

    Hock has a theory that neighborhood Thai restaurants are the new Chinese takeaways. If that is the case then I think Korean is the new Thai. That would make Chinese the new Italian. Japanese is the new French and Laos and Khmer food still remain firmly outside of the Australasian food experience

    he he he


    Believe it or not that all makes perfect sense to me! Well put.


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