Duck noodles, three years in the making.

For the last few years my father-in-law has talked at length about the famous "duck noodles" of Saint Louis, Bangkok. He has promised many a time to take Maytel and myself there to try a bowl, we came very close to sampling these mystical noodles a few months back but our attempts failed as the shop was closed and we had to settle for an excellent bowl of fish ball noodles .

As with all good vendors in Bangkok THEY choose when to open.

As my father in-law's partner is out of town and mine is getting wasted on sake in another country, we have had extra time to hang out and bond (meat eating is usually what we base our outings around) so finally after three years, I got to eat the duck noodles of St Louis.

st louie

Is the guy in the white shirt praying to that roasted duck? Most likely.



No verbal orders are allowed. You have to write it all down, even the little things like to have bean shoots or not. An excellent strategy to keep out those pesky foreigners. So you will need the assistance of your Thai partner or friends unless of course you are Thai or some super nerd who knows how to write Thai (ahem) otherwise sorry no noodle for you!

Plate of braised livers and gizzards, pretty good.

8 ndl
"3 year duck noodles"

They were worth the wait a yummy scented broth with super tender and flavoursome duck and perfectly cooked noodles with bean shoots of course.


Pepsi, grease cutter.


    On 11 December 2007 at 12:41 cee [] said...

    My gf loves this place. We live right near here and go often. She had lunch here today. Her family orders whole ducks from them for Chinese holidays. The wait staff is always so grumpy.

    When it's closed, we also go across the street at the fish noodle place. Funny.

    You can buy fish balls and noodles from the fish noodle shop in bulk to go home. They told me one lady came in a bought a few kilos to bring to Italy.

    There's parking in the soi next to the fish noodle place too, if you need it.

    And an excellent Pad Thai vendor is down the street (if standing on the fish noodle side looking at the duck noodles, go left about 2 blocks). Their Pad Thai is wok-smoky, not too sweet and you don't really need to flavor it much. Tastes good out of the pan. I bring friends there who are 'just off the plane' to try real Pad Thai for the first time.


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