East Ocean Yum Cha, Chinatown Sydney

Sydney's Chinatown shits all over Melbourne's...to put it bluntly. Its bigger, better, and yummier. There's more of a hustle bustle....and the yum cha is better

I've never really had really good yum cha in Melbourne. And I have no idea why this is. For some reason medocrity prevails over Melbourne yum cha.

My view is that East Ocean should open up a branch in Melbourne.

East Ocean is good yum cha of consistent quality. The dishes are simple and unfussy. All the usual suspects are to be found in carts that are still pushed around the enormous dining room. While Hong Kong may be going a la carte with its yum cha, I still prefer to peek inside bamboo steamers at the table al la cart (bad pun i know)

The dumplings taste fresh and handmade


They know how to make the humble yum cha standard egg tart perfectly. It's fresh and custardy with a good flake, not a great flake but a good decent flake

Plus Sydney has the Chinese Gardens where one can wander around sedately post-yum cha and admire the views

and calming swimming carp.

You can carve your name into the bamboo forest and feel at one with your lunch

The only draw back is weekends. If you go on a weekend expect everyone else in Sydney to have had the same idea as you and expect to queue for at least an hour.


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