Firefly Squid

As a pre-Xmas celebration, Hock took me to my favourite Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, the other night. Tensui. I've written about it before here

The reason I like Tensui is that you can get rare Japanese delicacies that are normally unavailable for ordinary gaijin customers. Many a time have I tried to make it into one of those secret Japanese ONLY restaurants only to be met by the proprietor at the door with the crossed finger sign


See Japanese Gesticulations

This basically means

"Fuck off you filthy gaijin scum"

So I'm usually relegated to bog standard Japanese food for the masses. Tempura, sushi rolls, udon etc...yawn.

But not at Tensui. They have a Japanese and English written menu. Offering up such delicacies as Sea Slug liver in raw egg, whale meat (no I haven't tried it) and firefly squid marinated in ponzu. 

We ordered the firefly squid the other day. For some reason I assumed they would be grilled. How wrong I was. Out of the kitchen popped a small bowl filled with four raw, black tiny octupuses, bulbous head, eyes and tentacles in tact. They looked like raw baby alien foetuses.

I forgot to take a photo, but this should give you the idea


I closed my eyes and put one in my mouth. 

It tasted good. There was an explosion of seafood, soysauce and ponzu in my mouth.

I tried not to think of the little eyes. 

Hock said he liked them. 

I tried not to think of the little eyes. 

I try not to think of the little eyes. 


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