Hottest of Hotpots

Chongqing spicy hotpot is slowly becoming a standard fixture in Australasia Chinatowns thanks in most part to the recent influx of Mainlanders and their national obsession with Sichuan cooking. It's not all wonton noodle soup anymore baby.

In Sydney, go to Shancheng Hotpot King on Sussex St in Chinatown and join the queue. Once you get a table, order the half chicken half spicy and go for mild. Trust me. Even if you do usually live in Bangkok, once the 'medium spicy' reduces down it becomes so achingly hot that all you can do is used droplets of it to season the mild chicken side.

On arrival tick the boxes of the plates of raw food you want to add to your boiling cauldron. The list is badly translated so you might want to use your powers of deduction (I guessed correctly that by "taste mushroom" they meant shitake). Pretty much every type of edible offal is available and then some.


Order the Shancheng special sauce and a couple of other dipping sauces like the seafood and sesame and garlic. One of each should suffice for a group of four.

We ordered too much and the bill came to 33.00 bucks per person including a couple of beers.

8a/363 Sussex St
Open 7 days 11:30am -12:00am
phone: 02 9267 6366


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