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Come on people

I know you're busy with Christmas shopping etc....but we need bids

right now if you bid on any of the Thailand or Cambodia prizes you have a nearly 100% chance of winning them...because no one has bid on them.

Do you know anyone living or travelling to Thailand or Cambodia? Do you plan on travelling here in the future?

If so bid!!

Bid round up

AP23 - 1 bid
1 bottle of 18-year-old Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky Gold Signature (valued at US$95)

AP30 - 1 bid
An eating tour of Bangkok with Austin Bush, Thai food expert and Lonely Planet writer plus a copy of the latest edition of Lonely Planet Bangkok Guide (valued at US$200) 

AP32 - 0 bids
One night accommodation at Be Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia (valued at US$150) 

AP33 - 0 bids
Market Tour and Cooking Class with Joannes Riviere, Khmer food expert and author of La Cuisine du Cambodge avec les apprentis de Sala Bai (valued at US$200) 

AP31 - 0 bids
One night accommodation in a Deluxe Room at Hotel De La Paix, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia (valued at US$235)

AP25 - 0 bids
6 bottles of 42 Below Seven Tiki Rum (valued at 6000 baht) 

AP24 - 0 bids
12 bottles of 42 Below Vodka (valued at 12,000 baht) 

AP28 - 0 bids
Dinner for two at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, Thailand (valued at 3500 baht)

AP34 - 0 bids
Wild Jungle Honey Collecting Tour with Angkor Conservation Centre for Biodiversity Sustainable Bee Program (valued at US$200) 

AP29 - 0 bids
One night accommodation at hip hotel Dream Bangkok, Thailand (valued at US$280+) 


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