Wing and a Prayer

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There are the wings (from Duff's, the Toronto branch of the Buffalo restaurant which claims to have invented the things), now here's the prayer: please god never make me have to eat a Buffalo chicken wing again.

I love good junkfood as much as the next guy – but I'm not so much into breaded or deep fried things that are then coated or drowned in sticky-ass sauce. Sweet & sour chicken, no thanks. General Tso, I'll make an exception if done well. I'm also not into macho food that's so spicy it makes you cry (unless it's like, from fresh chillis or sambal or something).
I guess Buffalo wings and me just weren't made for each other.
Even if a huge bucket of them does look kinda cool.

Spot my place at the dinner table: the pansy drinking wine instead of beer and a burger instead of buffalo wings. (The burger was damn good actually). Sometimes I think I just like to be contrary.

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And another thing: shouldn't these Buffalo wings really be called drumsticks?


    That burger does look good. Did anyone like the wings? I tried B-wings for the first time this year, the blue cheese/spicy combo is the only really redeeming thing for me.


    erik didn't find them specially tasty, the local crew especially Denny seemed to love them... you know how some people love to have the sweat dripping down their face?
    I agree the blue cheese vs spicy is a nice touch..


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