No smoking!

The New York Daily News reported on an interesting case of nuns versus their fish-smoking neighbors...

The "foul" and "noxious" odors coming from Michael and Gloria Lim's E. 19th St. apartment once got so overpowering that building workers feared there was a dead body inside, according to the suit filed by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

Called in to see what caused the stench, firefighters pounded on the door for several minutes before forcing their way into the 16th-floor apartment, only to discover Gloria Lim smoking and drying fish.

The nuns are so upset about it that they are filing a lawsuit for $75,000 in damages. Luckily, another neighbor is a bit more level-headed about it...

"It's not a dead body, it's just smelly fish frying in oil on a stove top," the neighbor said.

Still, he said, it's a smell he could do without.

"I don't like the smell and I wish it weren't there," the neighbor said. "But I do think you're allowed to cook smelly fish, right?"

Image from Seema K K's Flickr stream, of smoked fish on display in Meghalaya, India.


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