Massive Tea: Tips From English DJs

zinc tea

At a music event in Barcelona in October, I picked up a couple of tea tips from the English music makers who were also working there.

Above you can see a picture of tea guru & drum 'n' bass icon DJ Zinc, as photographed by UK MC/producer GoldieLocks.

Now, I'm not a fan of bucket-sized coffees: but unlike the typical milky Starbucks, tea stays hot (though it's best gulped down quick), it doesn't put your teeth on edge or fill you up in a sickening manner, and it is very refreshing. Zinc and BBC 1xtra presenter and globetrotting DJ Benji B pioneered this tea trend late at night in the Barcelona studios.
Since then, I admit I've taken to drinking massive teas in the afternoon, instead of coffee.

The second tip comes from Amsterdam-based British music writer and producer Moxo Tengu. This is a tip that everyone should find useful, which applies to tea bags that come in single serve paper pockets. Simply do not rip out the small paper square from the Twinings pocket that holds each tea-bag. Instead, let the whole paper pocket hang over the side of the cup. By using this simple method you will be far less likely to lose the tea string in the cup, due to the extra paper as an added counterweight.

Moxo recommends drinking Earl Grey tea black with a little bit of honey.

Final English music & tea anecdote: dubstep pioneer Mala (DMZ) is known to have a marvelous selection of teas at home, which he buys from a Belgian supplier.
The Belgian's real name is Badman.


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