More noodlefights!

Noodles are serious business...

This snippit is from Ly Bun Yim's classic 1972 film អន​អើយ​ស្រី​អន ("An Ey Srey An"), and has been cited by Loakruu Frank Smith in comments to posts here and here as being possible inspiration for the noodlefight video by Preap Sovath.

Deathpower already pointed this out and posted the two videos side-by-side, but I thought it worth posting again here just because the clip is so awesome.


    it seems that noodle disputes have long been the subject of songs and stories in Cambodia

    A long while back, when this blog had just begun I posted this story about noodles in Cambodia

    I wonder if noodles are in some way a social metaphor in Cambodia, that I am not quite aware of


    I agree that the noodle thing is bigger than I thought it would be at the onset of my new noodlefight fascination. I'll have to dig more when I go back to Cambodia.

    And, the song you refer to in that older post sounds great! Noodle blues! Who hasn't had em?


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