Night Mare Meat


I'm not sure if there was wild horse culling in North Rhein Westphalia last week, but when I went to buy chicken for our chipotle salad, the meat section contained a truckload of horse in various stages of being chopped, processed or cured.

The whole horse meat thing is something I can't get down with. Hypocritical (considering I am OK with eating other equally noble & cute animals), yes. Do I care? No.

I tried horse sashimi in Tokyo and don't think I'll ever get over the memory of that strong, funky taste.

In fact, one of my favourite Rheinland meat dishes, sauerbraten, was traditionally made with horse meat, though I've only had the beef version. It's marinated for a few days in vinegar and a sweetening agent, with spices like juniper and cloves, plus raisins, and then roasted. It turns out extremely tender and has that great sour/sweet/spicy edge to it. A very delicious christmas dish.

I guess I might one day give horse sauerbraten a go. But I've got to say the horsemeat bierschinken& jagdwurst below (luncheon meat, usually had on bread at breakfast time) looks like the devil's work.




    ha, well that's because you haven't tried Johanne's grandmother's donkey sausage.....

    He brought some back from France once and I tell you, it was delicious

    Like so many things I believe the trick to liking something is all how it is cooked or prepared

    The sausage in question was more like a salami and cured

    It's like duck, wild duck can taste seaweedy and horrible, whereas I much prefer farmed ducks.


    hah! yes I guess cooking it could be a good start... and plenty of garlic and fennel would hide some funkiness I'll bet
    still, the idea makes me squeamish... cow's stomach gives me the same sensation...

    interesting comment about wild duck vs farmed!


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