Egg-in-Glass, Kaffee & Limonade


After you've lived in Northern Europe for a while, finding good coffee is like hitting the jackpot. And Munich is a veritable gold-mine.

Yesterday morning I was introduced to a new-ish spot, Café Loretta, which is just around the corner from Aroma. They use Danesi beans and offer the soy milk option... which is only civilised in my opinion.

I asked my boss Many and his friends why Muncheners are so well caffeinatedly catered for, and they explained that with all the Italian immigrants, Munich is "the northern-most Italian city"
....but I've heard this claim about Cologne before too. Supposedly something to do with the Roman paving stones and the fact that people like to hang out drinking on the street: 'Sweet doing nothing' ('dolce farra nulla').


Continuing on the egg-theme begun in the post below, another stand out feature of Loretta is the breakfast option of 'Ei-im-Glass' (Egg in glass). You get two hot soft-boiled, peeled eggs in a glass with a sprig of basil. The idea is to mash them up with your fork and eat away. Many tells me it is very good with white truffle or 'schnittlauch' (chopped chives).


Other menu options include a range of toasted sandwiches, cake and paninis, and all the usual German café breakfast treats like home made quark with herbs and bread, sliced cured meats, cheeses, or yoghurt with walnuts and honey.

A Munich journalist and editor, having a pain-au-chocolat:


Some Bavarian dude:


Café Loretta

Müllerstr. 50


Mo-Fr 7-22h, Sa-So 10-22h
Tel.: 089/23077370


    Hope you enjoyed München miss Emma.

    You'll have to divulge your Köln coffee secrets with me next time I'm visiting, I've still not found a local cafe to haunt near Fort Nerd.

    Hope to catch you there in the new year, xoxx miss C


    hi lady Clare, look forward to seeing you here!

    The two best options in Köln are Manufactum (for coffee,delicious bread, handmade kitchen equipment and cheese - no breakfast)

    and Gustavson's coffee bar on Engelbertstr. (also no breakfast, but a nice small bar with a few stools, brownies and toasted sandwiches of the white bread, egg & ketchup variety)

    There is one spot nearer to Fort Nerd with good coffee but it is not a nice place for hanging out, it's just by that circular round about, near the Italian restaurant?

    Hallmackenreuther (where we met for a drink) is my favourite for breakfast and reading newspapers but the coffee is nothing special.
    Metzgerei Schmitz on Aachenerstr. might be slightly better for coffee if you order a doppel espresso mit ein bisschen schaum, and also nice for hanging - it's the place with the lovely quiche & cake selection and outdoor tables


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