Green Monster From the Deep: Chile Relleno

"I love music. I love women. I love gadgets. I love food." That's pretty much all it boils down to for DJ Serious, a man well known in Toronto for his impeccable musical taste and humble ways. He can rock a party, produce a neck-snapping track (see his albums Dim Sum and Cold Tea), and he knows the ins and outs of this city better than anyone else.

That's what Celine Wong wrote in this story on the RBMA site.

Since DJ Serious seems to be, um, serious about food (you have to respect someone who calls his album Dim Sum), we followed his recommendation a few weeks ago and went up to
the Peruvian restaurant called El Bodegon (537 College St.)

Forgetting his dictum to order the Bandeja, Erik went for the Argentinian steak, which turned out passably good (we also go to a Peruvian spot called El Inca near our work in Cologne for steak). The frozen margarita was undrinkable (I had such a nice un-frozen one at a Tex-Mex spot in Brooklyn, it did not occur to me that the Bodegon might come out frozen!). The ceviche was worse than average.

But the Chile Relleno (very different to the battered & fried cheesy Mexican version) was a tour de force. A roasted poblano chile stuffed with minced beef, potato & corn, and bathed in a tasty tomato sauce (derived from the Italian population of Lima, or a nod to this restaurant's location in Little Italy?)

The sweet, roasted, spicy sliminess of the roasted Poblano went perfectly with its stuffing and sauce.

I would go back there just to have this swamp-monster dish. Maybe even two.

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