Sins of the Fleisch

Fleischwurst platter from the MayPaul

While Gutfeeling's own Maytel has broken the bonds of Bangkok into the welcoming arms of my hometown Melbourne, I've seamlessly slipped into her place in Thailand and have been abusing the Chef privileges. Witness: above fleischwurst platter. Count those mustards.

The Thai-German meat connection scares me. Two disparate cultures coming together to make sausages generally ends in disaster rather than deliciousness. I'm not sure what it is about Bangkok that makes it work, but I suspect that it is a man named Otto Duffner. Otto arrived in Bangkok in 1981 at the behest of the Boonroad Brewery where he worked in their bierhaus before branching out into his own brewery/bakery/butchery store in 1984. Since then, he's been churning out the above wurst and bread at Bei Otto of exemplary quality.


    i hope you haven't slipped too seamlessly


    Hey, look at that bread - I am so glad you have a German in town to supply you with non-wonder-bread! brilliant

    I like a nice bit of fleischwurst myself...
    My boss is very partial to it, in fact while eating it he is prone to grinning and cackling while muttering "Flllllleeeeeeeeisssscccchh" in a growling voice.

    does Otto do blutwurst too?

    Good, cold sliced blutwurst on crusty baguette is very good... Generally the scarier-looking, the better... it makes a good meat-platter partner with fleischwurst.

    @Maytel, LoL!


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