Hecho en Mexico

The first part of food in the Yucatan Peninsular of Mexico.
This area is strongly influenced by the indigenous Mayan people, which make up some 2 million people of the Yucatan area.

These photos are taken near the Mayan ruins of Tulum. At a little restaurant I stopped at after getting my 'caminos no carros' on.

This is the starter. Roasted chilies, and capsicums with a whole lot of garlic, crisp tortilla chips and a ringburner salsa. This had me reaching for the Dos Equis cerveza very regularly.

Mmm garlic!

The tortilla tubes with the refried bean sauce is enchiladas mole. Mm manchego cheese

The brown slab, is this thin chicken fillet with this somewhat malty sauce, complemented with a fried banana. Actually very tasty.
The dish to the left, was more of an excuse to put loads of creamy cheese inside a local pastry.

Have tried some local tipples, including a liqueur made from honey. Also tried a Mexican wine. I shall blog when appropriate.


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