Korean BBQ Stakes

Alrighty then, seems as Gut Feelings is going with an impromptu Korean theme, I'll see you your genuine kimchi and mandu dumplings and raise you a korean feast in little korea, Bangkok

So far the best Korean BBQ we have found in Bangkok. At the front of Sukhumvit Soi 12 there is a whole plaza full of Korean BBQ joints. Hock and I have a tendency to think that the best food is always found in the most obscure places, but in this case our instincts were wrong. We ate our way through all the shitty restaurants at the back of the plaza only to discover that the best one is right at the front of the plaza on the right hand side.

It's called Arirang....there's nothing original about the restaurant or the name...but it does what it does do well.










    that looks AWESOME

    funnily enough we went to a Korean BBQ place here in Toronto tonite, however unfortunately it didn't have classy tofu hotpot, korean pizza or yummy looking watermelon(?) concoctions....
    AND the kimchi was too sweet!

    also that bibimbap in yr photo looks soo good,

    the one we had tonite was more like a spicy fried rice paella thing. tasty but not deal real !

    the best part was the red bean milkshake.

    there are some more fancy korean places here tho, (this one was 'all you can eat'), will try to check one or two out...


    what i mean to say is, you've inspired me to hunt for some proper shit


    the strange pink soup is a weird cold kimchi soup?

    The tofu is Kimchi stew a

    and the pancake is the Korean omelette

    the bibimbap is very good there

    In terms of authenticity of flavours, I'm afraid I'm not the best judge. I'm no korean food expert, but the restaurant is always busy, full of koreans and the food always tastes super fresh

    unlike the ones at the back

    still in toronto huh...when do you head home?

    I'm off to Oz on Thursday


    head back in about 2 & a half weeks...nice that you are heading to Oz in spring...

    is the cold kimchi thing nice?

    Hmm, the omelette thing looks exactly like a dish i used to love, which they used to call 'pizzas' at this one Korean place in AK, have also seen them called pancakes...

    Is it named in korean "pu-ching-geh" or "pa Jun"?

    I think the pu-ching-geh is just eggs.... but I think the so-called pizza dish I'm thinking of is the similar-looking one called Pa Jun that has glutinous rice flour with the eggs.

    The 'pizza' was more like a thin omelette in appearance, filled with bits & pieces, quite greasy and quite dense, I would almost have thought there was a lot of potatoes in it, but I guess it was glutinous rice flour, which would make it 파전 or Pa Jun ...
    Here is a picture of Pa Jun (Korean pancake or 'pizza'):

    the kimchi stew makes me wish i could order it right now, looks damn good!


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