Tensui Ten Out of Ten

So much to my horror I turned 30 the other day...so I decided I better celebrate it with lashings of alchohol and low fat food

A while ago a friend had recommended a new Japanese restaurant in Bangkok on Sukhimvit Soi 16 called Tensui.

So I tried to find some other food blogs reviewing the place. First I found this one but google wouldn't translate it so I threw the first words into mac translator.


Which translated to.....

"The sweat っ scratching the タタリ foot is enormous, it is
サーヤ which breaks out. The super foot is itchy.. It is everyday
life of itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy patience"

Further translation of other sections proved fruitless

This blog was slightly more intelligible through mac translation widget, so we figured we'd give it a go.

"Again also 2 times going to the heaven 翠 in Bangkok, the stripe
stripe it is to do. It is tasty because and the liquor and type of
low-class distilled spirits are many, by any means to go being to stop"

Green Dean from NZ was in town as was Siem Reap's only gay in the village, so we all got together and went

The restaurant itself is beautiful, surrounded by a stunning Japanese traditional garden replete with mist machines....this being Bangkok however we decided to sit inside due to mosquitos remembering the comment "scratching enormous foot itchy itchy itchy"

Upstairs there are private tatami rooms that were completely booked. We sat downstairs adjacent to a euro trash family obviously out to celebrate.....the mother was one of those super thin 45+ european women that had baked her skin so much she looked a haggled 60. She wore a bright red dress reminicent of that 80's classic Lady in Red, yet nowhere near as classy. She had peroxide hair and red talons. The daughter was a fat little dumpling whom the mother was obviously trying to model after herself despite the fact that the daughter was a good 20 kilos heavier than herself. The poor girl was unappealingly sqaushed into a silk beige dress that looked more like a nightie. Unfortunate for them the bright downstairs lighting in the restaurant (my only one complaint along with the dead flower arrangement) did not do the family any favours....but it certainly helped with the food photography.

We had around 11 courses and 6 bottles of sake from their extensive sake menu.

First was sea cucumber liver with raw egg (sounds strange but it was great). Sorry we forgot to take a photo

Then came clams in sake
Clams in Sake broth.JPG

We ordered the generic mixed sashimi selection and out came very generous portions of top grade bluefin tuna including they served top grade toro (so much for eating low in the food chain)


Toro Toro Toro.JPG



salmon skin salad with lashings of kewpie mayonnaise
Salmon Skin Salad with Kewpie.JPG

eel (no photo)

tempura (no photo)


agedashi dofu (no photo)

beef tongue


pickles, miso and rice (no photo)

The service was excellent, helpful and prompt, and never overbearing.

For the lashings of food and alcohol it wasn't cheap, the total bill came to around 11,000 baht or around $75.00 USD per person. However, given the quality of the food I was expecting the bill to be far more. So while it was pricy it was reasonable in terms of what we ate.

Skuhumvit Soi 16
Klongtoey Wattana



    happy 30th! great photos.

    translations so funny.! couldn't figure it out... Saya (サーヤ) seems to be referring to the princess Sayako, and it seems to be a concept of the website (maybe the author is role playing as princess Sayako?) so that is referring to herself?

    and as for tatari (タタリ)the only reference i could find was to a horror movie starring Geoffrey Rush!
    So maybe it means 'haunted house'?
    Or it is just a name! So Saya and Tatari went to tea.... and got eaten alive.


    well, in case you stilled care to know...

    The blog owner is calling herself Saya, most likely coming from Princess Sayako. Maybe the blog owner looks like her, or her real name is Sayako or something close that she picked her online name to be Saya.

    She is just starting out her post with an irrelevant comment, that she sweat so much that her legs are very itchy.

    Tatari means 1) have a curse, and 2) because of.

    Indeed, not the most attractive line to start a food review...


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