Bang Saen Reblogged

Although Austin beat me to the blog on Bang Saen, here is my version of events

The weekend before last me and Hock and Austin and Aong drove to bang saen to eat seafood on the beach

we planned to stop for a little while on the beach, eat a little bit and then go to another restaurant for dinner

tires for hire

so I ordered prawns grilled

and Aong ordered

Horse shoe crab egg salad
horse shoe crab egg yum

and then suddenly it escalated into a full blown meal

Tom yum
tom yum....

wing bean salad
wing bean


then we ordered a fish, some cocounts and some lotus seeds from passing vendor. I made lotus pod hats for Hock

We drunk some beer, except for Aong who isn't drinking for 3 months on account of her Buddhism....(we plan on detailing her debauchery when it ends in October)

And a cute dog came and hung out for our scraps
cute dog

and watched the sun set

then we drove to a local market and wandered around looking for dessert. A baby elephant molested Aong.

I bought a bag full of veges for 42 bht and a Thai style grill for making moo ping back in Australia one day


if you come to Thailand I can take you here.....but you may have to come quick


    It's funny you all went to Bang Saen that particular weekend... I think it's right after the Bangkok's Japanese free paper DACO had a special issue on Bang Saen. Did it inspire any of you by any chance?


    ahmm annnd does any of you guys know what that type of dog is called?

    and what does it mean 'You'll have to come soon'....are there plans afoot?
    thai bbq for Australia?


    no and yes


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