Once, coffee in Thailand often meant Nescafé's, and still does in most of the countryside.

But in the past few years, modern cafés are mushrooming in the city of Chiang Mai, especially around Nimanhamin Road, near Chiang Mai University.

They actually seem to have a lot of branches in Bangkok and even have outlets in Phuket and Pattaya, but in Chiang Mai iberry is one of the newest cafés in the city.

They have a huge yellow dog... and a big Mao Zedong-looking sculpture in their front yard:

The huge yellow dog actually has a human face:

I had a scoop of nutella ice cream (49 baht):
They also have free wireless internet. And nice sofas. Great.

There is also a funny-faced friendly dog:
Is it a French bulldog? or some mix of Boston terrier and bull dog?

Although I still like to support the Chiang Mai local Wawee Coffee (be careful, the website has sounds) for their yummier coffee drinks (for me) and Doi Chang Coffee for their good cause, iberry is a good place to get nice ice cream, alright lattés, and free wireless internet.


    I am fairly certain you have photographed a French Bulldog.
    They can be marked like Boston Terriers, but are larger.

    I have two Boston Terriers and they look similar to Frenchies, but size usually tells the story.

    Nice to stumble across your blog - lovely!


    Hi, I am from Malaysia, Penang.
    And would like to visit to Chiang Mai soon. I like this type of special place. ^ ^ hope you can share more, and let me try one by one when I be there.


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