Dances with Daikon

I can't stop laughing... wait until people start dancing with daikon radish puppets in a circle.

It is Tokyo University of Agriculture's cheerleading tradition since 1952.

In this performance below they use the real daikon's.


    ahhh that's awesome!
    universities can have some quirky twists sometimes huh...
    I would like to learn that dance so I can do it as a counter-chant when germans start doing football chants.

    i'm trying to figure out the difference between german 'rettich' and japanese 'daikon' (from wikipedia entries), there actually doesn't seem to be too much difference... they are both raphus, or something.....


    The Japanese universities' cheer leading tradition is so weird.
    It's all the overdoing of "bankara" (not the name of the ramen shop) culture, exaggeration of non-Westernism while the Westernism was referred to as "haikara" coming from high collar in the early 20s century.

    Rettich and daikon... same genus/species but different subspecies? How is it eaten in Germany?


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