Wellington's famous for at least two things. Music (rastas, the jazz school, Flight of the Conchords, dub fusion bands, Mu), and Malaysian food.

Above you see my best-friend-when-I-was-16's toyboy postman musician boyfriend, tucking into a rather average laksa at Rasa, a Malaysian-South Indian restaurant in Wellington, NZ.

I'd love to know the population of Malaysian people in Wellington: if anyone knows how to check that out, let me know.

Malaysian's been a staple takeaway food for Wellingtonians since the '90s. In some cases it's become totally kiwi-fied: I guess it's the only place in the country where you can get nasi lemak to go with a burger and chips. What I'm still dying to have is a super-hot egg sambal like I used to have when I was a teenage lacto-ovo-vege, from Bandong Country Kitchen. I tried to replicate it at home once: it worked out OK.

To keep the locals happy, nasi lemak usually comes with a coconut beef rendang type dollop on the side. I think I only found one place that does plain fatty rice with condiments and peanuts etc.

By the way, this site must get at least one google hit a day from a previous post titled Nasi Lemak Yo Mama's Pussy.

Nasi lemak:

Ring a ding rendang: (this was actually fiyah)


Whatever you do, don't Pay the Dosa-man (Pictured: Wellington rappers Erik Ultimate & Kidz with Gunz)



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