What Duss Little Crabs Eat?

For a while now I've been compiling the best google queries that send intertube surfers to our humble site....and aside from the endless "fucking cunts" and "pussy" related queries (I suppose there will be more now), there are from time to time some amusing ones

The title of this post is my favourite one from today.

And it's a good question, what duss they eats?

If you know the answer to this and any of the other questions below, either leave a comment or if a GF member, edit this post with your answer or start a new post with the answer if long.

1. immantrasse japanese food? (K-Jam answer: let me guess, you are a tourist and last night you drank yourself comatose in the Altstadt in Düsseldorf and are trying to remember a tip you got from a hot Tunisian chick. The street you are after is Immermanstrasse, and you should try Takumi's ramen. It's great when you're drunk.)
2. teo chew triads?
3. bad gut feeling about boyfriend? (Maytel answer: consult a friend, not google)
4. souvide side effects?
5. where to eat durians?
6. minimalist vege burger?(K-Jam answer: hah! I've web searched 'minimalist pancakes' or 'minimalist blue cheese' before too. There's a link to Mark 'the Minimalist' Bittman's vege burger recipe on a post that ends with a picture of a giant hallucinogenic horror film meat patty. Not so minimalist.)
7. gangsta muffin recipes?
8. what people have feeling about food ?
9. homer simpson recipes?
10. pooh soup cambodia?
11. cambodian recipe with cat?
12. how to eat chinese pussy ?
12. wagyu lamington?
12. national nerd day?
13. the realm of hataitai? (Maytel answer: contrary to popular belief Hataitai is not a kingdom)
14. government wants to kill you?
15. chicken feelings?
16. white noodle coming out of cat's anus?
17. what attachment would you use to chop onions on food processor?
18. national dish bhutan?
19. gut feeling on rouletter?
20. tofu doughtnut?
21. How to cook fried spiders? (Maytel answer: fry them)
22. nutrition mayonnaise?
23. about cambodian chicken?


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